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The New Experience

BluePrint has always been the Newton project manager with a difference. It places a high priority on delivering a satisfying user experience, while providing a rich feature set and an unparalleled interface.

True ease-of-use ensures that anyone can use a project manager for simple and complex projects. The original BluePrint gave you ample power, freed you from the desktop, and provided an interface anyone could use. It was the first and only easy-to-use project manager for the Newton.

We are pleased to announce our newest project manager: BluePrint 2. It keeps with the original promise of ease-of-use and portable power. In fact it has a familiar look & feel to the original, but that's where the differences really start.

Among many things you will notice about the new BluePrint, is it's remarkable new interface. Many customers have said it's the best designed Newton 2.1 interface they have ever seen. Designed specifically for the MP 2000 and 2100, it's complemented with an extremely fluid program flow, and a beautiful grayscale interface. It's the product of serious planning and sweating of details. We worked until BluePrint not only had excellent functional performance, but worked, looked, and felt as outstanding.

The attention to detail is everywhere. For example, the numeric editor provides no less than 4 different ways to enter a number into BluePrint 2. You can hand-write it, type it in, use a scroller, or tap on the maximum and minimum defaults. Why so many ways just to enter a number? We know everyone works different, and depending on the situation, you will choose the most efficient way for you. That's called intuition, and BluePrint 2 was designed with that critical requirement.


Flexibility & Innovation

Most traditional project management systems work in predictable methods to input and manage projects. This consistency is important, because it permits you to switch between products and still get-up-to speed quickly.

Most however do not perform beyond basic needs. They are not so accommodating if you need to manage more than just a standard timeline. In many scenarios, you need to complement your project manager with a database or spreadsheet to manage additional task details.

BluePrint 2 introduces some much needed innovation to project management. It can be used as a standard project manager with a standard set of tools. These get you going fast. However, its unique interface, and several excellent customization tools including a mini-database, help you manage more of the details, resulting in far more effective and efficient project management. Something you should expect of every project manager.

A mini-database built right in

Combined Outline and Table views

Most standard project managers have separate views for outlining tasks and detailing task information in table form. Being portable, BluePrint 2 combines both on one screen. The benefit is that you can visually see the task hierarchy, and the details in table format at the same time. Using the table manager, you can decide which details to show and in which order.


BluePrint 2 provides an efficient scheduling system that can be used in two ways. The typical way is to specify a start/finish date, a duration, and have the remaining date calculated for you. While BluePrint 2 supports this method, it also provides the ability to define the effort (number of hours required to complete the task) and task load (number of hours/day available for the task) that can be used optionally. These new features assist you in making a much more realistic schedule.

Lastly, combine it with the use of a superb relations system that allows you to relate task schedules together in several ways, to create an extremely effective and efficient scheduling system.

A Superior Notes system

Visualize your Projects

One of the best ways to track your project is by using a gantt chart. The premise of this feature is to let you see your project visually. It's much easier to digest and comprehend a dynamic picture of your project than individual schedules in a table.

BluePrint's gantt charts provide a graphical representation of summary, normal, and milestone tasks. In addition it shows you the percentage complete for each task.

You can modify task information right on the chart. Tap on a bar and edit the tasks schedule, name, and more. With the chart preferences you can even control how the chart appears in the display and on printouts.

Quick Project Overview

Project Management is somewhat of a misnomer. Most project management systems only assist you in managing the tasks of a project.

BluePrint helps you manage tasks and projects.

The Project Overview provides you with a simple but highly effective tool showing you immediately the start & finish time of each project, the planned dates, the % done, costs, and more. It also tracks the modification date, and descriptive items such as the manager, author and subject. You can quickly ascertain which projects require more immediate attention, and thus arrange your priorities accordingly.

BluePrint also features an Alerts and Alarms system that helps you manage your projects daily. This view lists only those tasks which are starting, finishing, are in progress, or are overdue on today's date; so that you know which tasks require your immediate attention. You can decide which tasks and the criteria that will cause them to be shown in the Alerts view.

Optionally you can also set Alarms on a per task basis, to automatically turn on your Newton and remind you if a task is starting, is finishing, is late, or in progress.


Feature Set

General Features

Project Management Features

items marked * are automatically managed and updated by BluePrint 2 based on your tasks

Task Management Features

Gantt Chart Features

Customer Service

Free updates & upgrades. We promised it to owners of the original BluePrint, and we promise it to you.

Unlimited support for life. As long as you own an original copy of BluePrint 2, we guarantee support for life.

We believe the Newton is by far the best PDA available today, and that is why we committed early to deliver BluePrint 2 to the Newton community. It's also why we're promising to be around for a long time to come.

More Information

Read the online Tutorial for a quick introduction to using BluePrint 2.