The solution to your busy schedule

The BluePrint Project Manager helps you plan and organize complex projects with your Newton device.

From small personal projects to complex multi-person projects, BluePrint empowers you with powerful and easy-to-use tools, ensuring you manage projects accurately and realistically.

With BluePrint, you're always on top of the job.  Juggle multiple projects, track your progress as it happens, plan accurately in meetings, log important remarks, even take notes on specific tasks.

BluePrint is also the only Newton project manager that provides you with the ability to transfer MS Project files from PCs or Macintoshs computers to your Newton.

Finally, project management that keeps you informed up to the minute, anywhere. 

All the tools you need

BluePrint provides you with the Power to Plan. With a standard set of features including:

Special features include relationship locking, duration locking, scheduling tasks to the Dates application, creating to-dos, & linking resources from the Names application.  BluePrint assists you in managing your project behind the scenes with instant recalculation of dates, % com plete, cost information, creation of summary tasks, and more. 

The BluePrint gantt chart gives you the ability to view entire projects, or just a section, on-screen. Special features include percentage complete of task, the ability to edit tasks by simply tapping on a bar or task name, drag based scrolling around the screen, timescales of years, months, weeks, & days.  Make a change, and it instantly updates on the chart!

With the gantt chart, you can even change the default size of columns and rows, the scrolling values, or switch between text and numeric dates on the timescale.

Manage your work, and your life. BluePrint gives you the tools do it. 


Innovation, sophistication, integration, and ease-of-use 


BluePrint was designed to be first and foremost, a Newton project manager.  We believe that no matter how powerful the product, if it isn't intuitive, then you won't you use it.  We put lots of attention into the little details, ensuring that the interface is quick, clean, effective, and a pleasure to use. And we're always improving it.

We also recognize the importance of connectivity. BluePrint is the only Newton based project manager with the ability to import essential. Microsoft Project information or other popular desktop PM files (MPX compatible) from Macintosh or PC computers. This lets you start working right away. We're working on making BluePrint even more compatible in the future.

Full support for printing and faxing both task outlines and gantt charts, from anywhere, ensures you and your group have up-to-date and accurate schedules.  Other special tools such as BlueStart, let your Newton remind you instantly on power-up or at scheduled times what tasks you have today, tomorrow, or that are late!

Special features such as universal task filtering allow you to constrain what tasks appear onscreen an d the conditions of display. The conditions you set also apply to the task overview, charting, printing and faxing.

From the beautifully engineered interface, to specific task information, BluePrint is unlike any Project Manager you have likely ever seen. A project manager that is tested true, fun to use, easy to use, and powerful. Brought to you by the company whose Passion really is Innovation. 


More Details?

Pen Computing has a review of BluePrint in the June issue

Keith Mitchell, of Apple has an introduction to software for the eMate 300, including BluePrint

You can send email to for specific details

Download the 12 day time-limited Demo, Version 1.96 (Newton 2.x only)
(BluePort & BluePage are not available with the demo)

View or download an Acrobat version of the manual

Learn more about BlueStart, the on-time schedule manager for BluePrint

"This application has doubled the already high value I associate with my Newton.  I appreciate

the focus on ease of use vs. over-customization.

It's also one of the best designed packages I've seen in the past few years." -  Nate Goore

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