Frequently Asked Questions 

General Info

General Info

Contacting Sine of the Times

Email is the best way, but you can also contact us at:
FAX:     (508)519-5893
Phone: 1-888-SINEWARE

Newton Models

Newton products have the following ROMs
MP 100: 1.1 or 1.3
MP 120: 1.3 or 2.0
MP 130: 2.0
MP 2000: 2.1
MP 2100: 2.1
eMate 300: 2.1

Using .HQX, .SIT files on a PC

All packages downloadable from our site are archived as Stuffit! files, and then binhexed into .hqx files.  On a Mac, or PC, you need Stuffit Expander from All adin Systems to decompress the packages.

On PCs, you need to set the Cross Platform settings under Options to Never and Never.

Software Packages

Most Sine of the Times software are released as Suites.  A group of packages that are the same color are in the same suite.
Software Package Current Version Supported Newton ROMs Approx. RAM Requirements Approx. Heap Requirements Notes
BluePrint 1.96 2.0, 2.1 100 kb 3 kb installed 
10-30 kb running
Not recommended for any model lower than a MP 130
BluePort 1.9 2.0, 2.1 30 kb 0 kb installed 
0-30 kb running
PC version does not yet have export abilities
BluePage Color  2.0, 2.1 25 kb 0 kb installed 
0-15 kb running
Problems with "ghost printing" have been reported
BlueStart 1.95 2.0, 2.1 20 kb? 0 kb installed  
MathStar 1.10 2.0, 2.1 150 kb 2 kb installed 
10-30 kb running
PowerSet Suite
Eclipse GX 2.51 1.3, 2.0, 2.1 100 kb 1 kb  
Nebula   1.3, 2.0, 2.1 30 kb 0 kb  
Basis   1.3, 2.0, 2.1 12 kb 0 kb  
EquSolve 1.0 2.0, 2.1 17 kb 0 kb Not compatible with international machines
MathSoup   2.0, 2.1 8 kb 0 kb Utility for MathStar
Formula   2.0, 2.1 5 kb 1 kb Beta Released
CardMEDIA 1.8 2.0, 2.1 25 kb 1 kb Extension
CD Card   2.0, 2.1 27 kb 1 kb Extension
Article Card   2.0, 2.1 20 kb 1 kb Extension
Book Card   2.0, 2.1 26 kb 1 kb Extension
Inventory Card   2.0, 2.1 12 kb 1 kb Extension
Video Card   2.0, 2.1 22 kb 1 kb Extension
Card Cite 1.01 2.0, 2.1 20 kb 1 kb Notes and Works compatible
passKeep 1.27 2.0, 2.1 65 kb 1 kb  
ShowMate 2.0 2.0 2.0, 2.1 90 kb 0 kb Not released
MyRemote 2.0   2.0, 2.1 33 kb 0 kb Not released
Streak   2.0, 2.1 11 kb 0 kb  
Spirit   1.3, 2.0, 2.1 77 kb 0 kb Not released.


Question: When will BluePrint 2.0 be available?
Answer:  We are planning a new release of BluePrint in early 1998.  There will be 2 updates starting between November 1997, and the release of BluePr int 2.0

Question:  I can't get BluePort for Mac to work
Answer:  There is a problem with BluePort on Macintosh systems that was just recently resolved.  You need to download either BluePort for Macintosh 6 80x0, or BluePort for PowerPC - and this will correct the problems.

Question: When will BluePort for PC have export abilities?
Answer:  We're working on it!

Question:  When I try to print a Gantt Chart I get an error!
Answer:   When printing, remember to change the format from Tasks to Gantt chart.  Other problems include low heap space which we believe has be en answered finally by the MP 2100.

Question:  Can I set a start and finish date and have BluePrint calculate the dates of tasks for me?
Answer:   No, not yet.  BluePrint uses a waterfall model, in which you build tasks sequentially.  It has no global date calculation system< /font>

Question:  When will BluePrint have a baseline?
Answer:   Version 2.0 will feature a baseline.

Question: Sometimes the grid lines in the Gantt chart don't line up exactly with the task start dates
Answer:  Will likely be improved in 2.0


Writing your own tools?  Be sure to check the PowerSet Toolbox and also download the Newton Programmers Reference Guide.

Question:  What is error -48402?

> when starting the Mathstar application, after seeing the Mathstar logo
> window for a second, than comes the Newton 'think' sign at the top of the
> display (MP2000 international) followed by the error message (-48402):Sorry,
> a problem has occured.

The problem is there's a corrupt slip somewhere in one of your worksheets.  Sometimes this happens when you run out of heap memory and the Newton restarts before MathStar has a chance to clean up properly.

Do you happen to remember what folder it was in when it stopped working?  If you do, then use the MathStar Soup Utility (MathSoup.pkg), select the sheet, and delete the last slip from that sheet.  It's not too difficul t :)

If you can't remember what folder, then the only thing that can be done is to delete the entire MathStar soup - just go to the Storage folder, select the MathStar container, and delete all the entries.

> The application is stored on memory card in folder extension.

Did you have a reason for storing the application in the "Extension" Folder?  It should default automatically to the Unfiled folder on install.

Problem: I've had a problem with MathStar. I was playing with some tool code and when I compiled, the MP restarted.

Then, everytime I tried to launch MathStar, the MP restarted because of a system error.

First, I would guess you've done something seriously wrong in your code.

Secondly, the crashes occur, because MathStar, on startup, automatically recompiles all tools.  So if your tool caused a crash the first time it was compiled, it will no doubt cause a crash every time MathStar loads.

> tried to delete MS and reinstall it after, but it didn't change anything.
> The last thing I tried was to delete MS, reset the MP and then reinstall it
> and it seems to work.

The reason it seems to work, is that on a reinstall - MathStar defaults to the Examples worksheet.  However, if you switch to the worksheet with the damaged tool, you will again crash.  You should use the MathStar Soup Utility (MathSoup) to delete the last tool you were working on.

As a very last resort, you can also delete the MathStar Container in the Storage folder, and MathStar will create a new one (note: if you do this, you lose all your calculations)


Question:  Will you tell me once more about upgrades for CardMedia?
Answer:  The current demo version on the web site IS the latest version of CardMedia; therefore, anyone who wants to upgrade need only download the latest version from the web page.  (T o register CardMedia, you need to get the unlock package and a registration code from us).

Question:  Is it possible to import and/or export CardMEDIA entries??
Answer:  We do not have a specific utility ready for release at this time (1/29/98), but in the interim here is one solution. [Exporting CardMEDIA Data]< /p>

Question: I have problems with an error -48402 (or other) after closing a CardMEDIA card if I don't enter a title.
Answer: This problem is corrected in Version 1.8 (available 5/10/98). CardMEDIA automatically fills the title field with a default entry. CardMEDIA cards now behave more like standard name cards in that an "Untitled xx xxx" card is produced if the default entry is not changed.



Question:  Why not make a learning remote?
Answer:  The Newton's IR port has a hardware limitation which allows it only to send IR signals at the required frequency for audio and video equipment.&n bsp; Unfortunately due to this, the Newton cannot learn "signals".

Question:  How can I get codes for my equipment implemented?
Answer:  If you can find the codes required from a reliable source (generally the manufacturer) with complete details on implementing the frequency and time period, then adding codes is easy .  There are various sites on the internet (eg. Nada) which have codes, but these are specific, and not always completely reliable.  The best way is to get a technical document from your manufacturer and send us a copy.

Question:  When will ShowMate 2.0 be available?
Answer:  Soon (4th quarter 1997).  We have revamped the signal generation code, added new support for Philips, and are working on adding JVC and Yama ha support.


Question:  Are soup entries encrypted?
Answer:  Not at this time, but this is presented being worked on. The next upgrade of passKeep beyond Version 1.27 will encrypt all soup entries of a sens itive nature.

Question:  In Overview mode, the entries are not sorted - will this be fixed?
Answer:  The entries are not currently sorted because they are read directly from the soup. A future version of passKeep will contain sorted entries in Ov erview mode.

Question:  Is there anyway to print all of my data?
Answer:  Currently, no.>