Temporary Solutions for Data Import and Export

Last Updated: January 29, 1998

CardMEDIA is a valuable tool for organizing much of the information you deal with either day to day or occasionally. We realize it's inconvenient to have to limit this data to only your MessagePad. The ability to export and/or import this data will greatly enhance the value of the software for your MessagePad.

While we have plans and are in the preliminary stages of development for a seamless import/export tool for CardMEDIA, we felt it would be valuable to our customers to have a tool in their hands NOW that would allow this capability.

The tool wasn't written by us, but was brought to my attention by a customer (Thanks to Mike James) who wasn't waiting around for a solution, and just needed a little guidance in making it work properly with CardMEDIA. The tool was written and released by Steve Weyer and is called:

Sloup (current version 2.1, January 9, 1998).

What follows is a brief explanation of how to get Sloup to do the export work for you (I will add import information later). This is NOT meant to be a tutorial on Sloup or a primer on frames, slots, and Newton Data Storage, but once you've acquired the package and have become familiar with how to work with Sloup, this reference will tell you how to work with CardMEDIA entries. Please contact Steve Weyer about general issues regarding the operation of Sloup. I've begun the series with 'Exporting BOOK Entries' and 'Exporting ARTICLE Entries', and will add additional information later.

Exporting BOOK Entries

Exporting ARTICLE Entries

General Info


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